Athletic Dept Info

Athletic Director:

Dave Cohen

(973) 535-8000 x8065


There are three sport seasons at Livingston High School.  Start dates are listed below:

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country (boys/girls)
Field Hockey
Soccer (boys/girls)
Tennis (girls)
Volleyball (girls)
Basketball (boys/girls)
Bowling (boys/girls)
Fencing (boys/girls)
Ice Hockey
Swimming (boys/girls)
Winter Track (boys/girls)
Lacrosse (boys/girls)
Tennis (boys)
Spring Track (boys/girls)
Volleyball (boys)


The registration period for each season is as follows:

Registration Dates  
Opens Closes
Fall June 1st August 1st
Winter September 1st November 1st
Spring January 1st February 22nd

For detailed instructions on how to register, click here

Late Registrations

Every effort should be made to submit all registration forms by the deadline date of each season’s enrollment period. Late registrants will be accepted as long as all paperwork can be fully processed by the third day of a team’s practice. Please note that it takes approximately ten (10) days for the athletic department, including the high school nurses, to complete the medical portion for hundreds of students prior to the first day of practice.  Therefore, late registrants are not guaranteed to be made eligible for participation. If a late registrant is made eligible to participate on a team, she or he will not be active to play in the first three official games of the season, but will be required to attend practice and follow all team rules.  This practice works to ensure equal opportunity for all students during practice/tryout season.

Eligibility for Competition

Students cannot turn 19 prior to September 1st.

To be eligible for athletic competition during the first semester (September 1 to January 31), a pupil must have passed 25% of the credits (30) required by the State of New Jersey for graduation (120) during the immediately preceding academic year.

To be eligible for athletic competition during the second semester (February 1 to June 30), a pupil must have passed the equivalent of 12 and 1/2% of the credits (15) required by New Jersey for graduation (120) at the close of the preceding semester (January 31). Full-year courses shall be equated as one-half of the total credits to be gained for the full year to determine credits passed during the immediately preceding semester.

Freshmen do not have academic credit requirements for the fall and winter athletic seasons, however, starting with the spring season, they will need a minimum of 15 credits.

If students are eligible at the start of the season, they are academically eligible for the entire season.