Athletic Physical Info

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Form is required by the State of New Jersey for students in grades 6-12 participating on a school-sponsored interscholastic or intramural athletic team or squad and must be completed prior to a student’s participation as per N.J.A.C. 6A:16 Programs to Support Student Development.

Included in the State of New Jersey mandate regarding participation in sports, physicals are valid for one calendar year only. All physicals MUST be documented on the official State of New Jersey physical form which is available for download (see Available Forms above).

A valid athletic physical must be on file with the high school nurse prior to the start of each athletic season. Please select either option A or B below that pertains to your child:

A – If the athletic physical has not expired by the first day that practice begins for the selected sport, that physical will take the student athlete throughout the entire season even if the physical may expire during the season. HOWEVER, the parent still must complete the “Health History Update Questionnaire” and submit this one page form to the high school nurse during the enrollment period to complete Step 2.

B – If the athletic physical will expire prior to the first day of practice for the selected sport, a new athletic physical, including the “Health History Update Questionnaire”, must be submitted to the high school nurse during the enrollment period to complete Step 2.

We recommend that the parent keep copies of these forms prior to submitting them to the high school nurse.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If a student has asthma, an Asthma Treatment Plan must be on file in the student’s health records. If you have not already done so, please have an Asthma Treatment Plan form (see Available Forms above) completed and return it along with all other paperwork.

Parents are asked to have their own family physician conduct the athletic physical, however, if the family has no personal physician or if the family cannot afford to obtain an athletic physical on their own, they may take advantage of the free athletic physicals given at the school. These physicals are performed each year during the month of June in the Health Office at Livingston High School.

If your personal physician is administering the physical examination, his/her findings must be recorded on the official Preparticipation Physical Evaluation form. Please be sure to complete all appropriate sections and have a parent/guardian sign the form prior to visiting your physician.

The due date for submission of all LPS forms, including Step 1 (online registration) and Step 2 (having a valid athletic physical and health history update) are due before the closing of the enrollment period in which the student is registering for.