Athletic Training Room

training room training room


The Athletic Training Room (ATR) is located near the auxiliary gym at Livingston High School. An Athletic Trainer is an allied health professional who works under the direction/supervision of a licensed physician to provide health care to athletes.

LHS’s Athletic Trainers are Paul Ehrenfeld and Kerri Redden.





Monday – Friday

2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (for getting athletes ready to compete and/or practice, including taping, wrapping, etc.)

3:00 p.m. – end of sporting event


Saturday – Sunday

As required by athletic schedule.

All Athletic Training services are rendered following the ATR order of importance:

  • teams competing away
  • teams competing at home
  • teams practicing off-site
  • teams practicing on-site
  • old injury follow-ups
  • new injury evaluation
  • event/practice coverage

LHS Hospitality for Visiting Teams

Indoor Sports: Visiting teams will be provided sideline drinking water, cups, and a container of injury-ice and bags.

Outdoor Sports: Teams will be asked to bring their own water, ice, and med-kit, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the athletic trainer. Please send ALL teams with their own taping supplies for to use, if the need arises. All of Livingston’s teams are given their own med-kits, with medical supplies, a cooler for drinking water, and a container for injury ice. If one of our teams forgets to bring any of these items, please be tolerant of their situation. The coaching staff understands that it is the team’s responsibility to have these items though, not yours.

*Note for Visiting Athletic Trainers

For indoor tournament events such as volleyball or basketball, you may use the ATR for taping, evaluation, and/or treatment as needed.

For football games: Ice & water, Athletic Trainer on site available, training room use to visiting trainers, ambulance on site (Home Games Varsity Only), Team Doctor on site ( Home games all levels). You may use the ATR for taping, evaluation, and/or treatment as needed.