Booster Clubs

Lancer booster clubs

Role of the Booster Club – all booster clubs that are presented for Livingston High School administrative approval will be considered as a support group for the students, advisors, coaches, and for the activity that they wish to support.  Booster clubs may include but are limited to LHS students and/or parents.

Groups that may be considering a proposal to form a booster club must first gain the approval of the coach or staff member that they are targeting to support to ensure that there is agreement that the booster club is needed and purposeful.

Application – once that approval is obtained and prior to any booster club or group being approved and recognized, a written application must be submitted to the school administration for consideration and administrative approval.

Activities – any activities that the booster club would like to organize to support the group that they are assisting, must first be proposed to the coach or staff member and obtain their approval prior to moving forward.

Fundraising – once the coach or advisor has given their consent for the activity and if that activity will be raising funds, the booster club must complete the “Fundraising Request Form” in conjunction with the head coach/advisor and present it to the administration for their approval.

At no time should any fundraising take place without this form submitted and written approval given.

Booster clubs will be responsible for completing the final portion of the form, the Fundraising Completion Form, after the fundraiser has concluded. This report will include the results of the fundraiser.

Booster clubs should also develop a plan in conjunction with the head coach/advisor as to what the intentions of the fundraiser(s) will entail and how they will benefit the program?  Additionally, all fundraising must conform to NJSIAA guidelines (if the booster club is supporting an athletic team) and Livingston School District policy including but not limited to the following:

  • At no time should the proceeds of booster club fundraising or any other monetary means be utilized to pay for any expenses for the program that they support during the out of season period (athletic teams only).  The out of season period is defined by NJSIAA as being any time that the program that they sponsor is not in session.
  • The sale of any food must conform to the guidelines that are in place as set by the Livingston Township Board of Health which will include the need for a booster club member who is involved in this food sale to have food handler’s license.
  • Booster clubs must set up a bank account along with a checking account to ensure that all deposits related to fundraising or other areas of income are documented and deposited while all other transactions, including the payment of invoices, are paid with a booster club check.  At no time should cash payments be made to anyone. Additionally, this account should be created and set up at a local bank.
  • At no time should any booster club function serve alcohol.
  • If the booster club wishes to conduct a raffle as part of a fundraiser, the group is required to obtain the proper permits and or licenses to conduct the event.

Purchases – The approved booster club should in no way apply the Livingston School District’s name on any purchases.  Additionally, any and all equipment to be purchased for the school’s athletic or any other program must first have the approval of the administration.

Tax Exempt Number – unless the booster club is recognized as a 501-3C organization, the tax exempt number for the Livingston School District will not be available for use.

Insurance – although it is understood that in some cases, booster club activities may not need a certificate of insurance that will address the needs of the Livingston School District and their students, there may be a time when this coverage will be mandated.  If this is the case, that need will be documented on the “Fundraiser Request Form” when approval is given.

Dissolution and Distribution of Funds – in the event that the approved booster club ceases to function due to any reason, all funds that remain shall be turned over to the sport or activity that the booster club’s group is supporting.

Websites – Booster clubs can construct their own website to support the activity that they sponsor however discretion must be made in displaying appropriate and sometimes confidential information on the site.  This includes student’s pictures, confidential contact information, appropriate sponsorship advertisements, and any other information that may be viewed as not conforming to the mission of the Livingston School District. Website development should be generated with approval of the head coach/advisor.