Strength Training Room

LHS strength training facility
The Livingston High School Strength Training Facility is open three days per week, twelve months a year (excluding holidays and special schedules).
Facility usage is restricted to current students and LPS staff members only. Former LHS students or community members are not permitted to utilize the facility.
On an average day, between 50-70 high school students utilize the LHS Strength Training Facility. All student users are required to have a current medical physical on file as dictated by New Jersey State Department of Education policy. All LPS staff users are required to sign a liability waiver per LBOE policy.
The facility is equipped with a variety of cardio machines (22), selectorized weight machines, Olympic and free weights. Jump ropes, weighted bars, aerobic steps, kettle bells, stability balls and other individual fitness equipment rounds out the assortment of training equipment available.
The Health/Physical Education Department is creating videos demonstrating the use of our equipment.  Take a look at our first one!
Leg Press
The STF is supervised by two Livingston School District employees who have certification in either physical education, or hold a fitness training certificate and possess coaching experience. Additionally, each supervisor holds current CPR certification.
New users of the facility are asked about their goals and what they hope to achieve by working out, programs are then structured accordingly. Each student is encouraged to do their best as they begin their fitness journey at LHS. Additionally, students are given an overview of the room, introduced to the equipment along with the rules and expectations for facility use. STF supervisors encourage students to ask questions in order to improve and enhance their training experience within the facility. STF supervisors provide fitness assessment for students who utilize the facility each season in order to develop their own individualized workout plans. These plans range from beginner workouts using the machines available, to more advanced activity specific lifting routines that help prepare students for a more healthy and active lifestyle. Banks of computers are accessible for students and users who wish to track their progress and or research fitness and wellness. Programs and advisement are available for all levels of physical ability.
Student users of the facility must be properly dressed to workout. Jeans, street clothes and sandals (of any type) are not permitted. Students are not allowed to wear hats, jewelry, or anything else that might become a safety hazard during a lift. The use of cell phones is not allowed in the facility – either talking on them or using them to text although students are permitted to use them outside the room in the hallway, if there is a need (exceptions are made for phone based fitness program monitoring or special applications related to fitness training). These rules will reinforce and convey that safety is and will always be a priority in the facility.
The STF supervisors are responsible for supervising all users of the facility to ensure a safe environment while promoting independent routines and workouts.
Livingston High School Strength Training Facility T-shirts are available for purchase to promote the room and help raise funds for new equipment. Additionally, these T-shirts are given out as rewards to encourage students to reach a variety of goals, from the Big Three Board to the 25 Dip Club, as well as to new ones currently under discussion.


LHS strength training facilityQuestions regarding the use of the STF should be sent to David Cohen, Athletic Director, at